TutorMate offers tuition in all subjects, at all levels. If you cannot find what you are looking for on our broad list of subjects, let us know by adding other labelled subject or by directly contacting with to our gmail support@tutormatenepal.com and we will do our best to find the right tutor for you.

We always welcome applications from tutors who wish to be listed on Tutormate. Click the ‘Become a Tutor’ banner at the top of our website page to create an account, and then fill out your profile.
We will verify your application and ensure that you represent yourself professionally to students. To ensure quality, we will review each tutor and only accept those who we believe can provide high-quality services to students. Be sure to add your relevant grades and qualifications, and write a full bio that describes your tutoring or teaching experience and your subject matter expertise.

We care about each student's learning and we want to make sure you get the best service. You can call or email us Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 8 PM and on Saturdays from 9 AM to 5 PM. Our education advisors are always here to help with any queries you might have, to make sure you get the best experience possible and achieve your learning goals.

Tutormate can help you find students through your tutor profile.
Once you register and your profile is "Live" on the Tutormate website, students will be able to see you when they are looking for tutors in their area. There is an option on your profile for them to send you a message to enquire about having classes together.
You'll be sent a text and email notification as soon as a student contacts you, so you will not miss any messages.

Therefore, you can easily follow the link in the text or email to return to the site, reply, and organize your classes together.

No. The booking done for a tutor is only valid for one student. If more than one students are to be taught, the others will have to book and pay the tutor separately.

Online sessions are operated through your student/teacher dashboard through the use of Big-blue button.
In-person sessions can take place wherever you and the student agree. Generally, tuition will take place at either the student’s or tutor’s home. You can set your own travel policy, which will be communicated to students on your profile page. If appropriate, you could also organise sessions in a public space such as a library or a coffee shop convenient to both you and the student.

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for each student to find a suitable tutor for them.
On our home page, you can search and browse the profiles of great tutors best suited for your preferable subjects. If you are interested in talking about the course, send them a message to chat and organize classes together.

If you’re unable to find a tutor,and want us to put you in touch with tutors in your area who can help, you can use the “Submit a request” tool on our website.

If you already have an account, use the ‘Request a tutor’ button on your dashboard to let us know what you're looking for. Just log in to your account to see this on the bar across the top of the page.

Tutormate is an online platform that allows parents and students to find the right tutor for them. We seek to bring accountability to the world of tuition by allowing students to leave reviews for our tutors to help others to find their perfect match. Through Tutormate, you can search for tutors in your area and learn more about each tutor. Each tutor has a profile with information about themselves and their experience. You can send messages to any tutors you’re interested in through our messaging platform, ask any questions you have and organize courses together.
We work to find the best tutors and bring them to you all in one place, aiming to be the trusted place to find a tutor.

Joining TutorMate is completely free! So sign up now on by clicking the ‘Become a TutorMate’ button on the top menu bar.