About Tutor

Are you a teacher and interested in guiding students seeking help in their academics?

If so, then you have come to the right place. We have students from all over Nepal seeking your help to meet their academic needs. 


You can register on our website as a tutor and fill your complete personal and academic data so that students can search for you, contact you and start the classes. We not only connect tutors and students for academic help, but we also provide a friendly and comfortable environment so that students are motivated to learn and perform well. We believe that a good environment is directly related to the best academic performance of students.  As a tutor, your responsibility is not just to teach the students, but to indulge them in creative learning and make them realize that studying and acquiring knowledge are very different things. The acquisition of knowledge helps them understand their interests and their potential, guides them towards a suitable career path and strengthens their ability to face challenges to sharpen their knowledge and develop various skills.


Exceed your academic potential.