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Online learning platform Nepal

By: TutorMate | Sunday, 17 May 2020

Online learning platform Nepal

In 2020, it has been estimated that 4.54 billion people across the world use the internet. In Nepal alone, 10.21 million individuals utilise the internet for various purposes. With the continuous rise in users, there needs to be a platform with which people are able to do the most basic activities. Learn and Teach. This is why TutorMate Nepal commenced. In order to provide the Nepalese community with an easy and secure online learning platform that is accessible to individuals all over the country.

What is online learning?

Online Learning is shifting an educational course from a physical classroom to any form of an online platform. As it occurs over the internet, it is commonly referred to as E-Learning. We are bringing online learning to Nepal in hope of advancing online education throughout the country so that millions of internet users are able to make full use of it through educating and learning. With the constant evolution of digital platforms, we believe it is necessary to provide such service to those who wish to have access to it.

There are many benefits to online learning in comparison to in person learning as listed below.


-Easier access to tutors across the country: With TutorMate Nepal, finding the perfect tutor will be as easy as pie. Simply sign up as a student and choose your preferences. Then relax as we display the list of our friendly and intelligent online tutors tailored to satisfy your educational needs.
-Hassle-free: With online learning, you can be rest assured as you don’t have to travel anywhere. You can learn effectively at the comfort of your own home.
-Convenient features for online class: As TutorMate, we dedicate ourselves to provide the best quality service to both our tutors and our students. Therefore, our online classes consist of various features where tutors and students are able to share and build upon resources easily.

Our exclusive features

-ONE-2-ONE LEARNING: Learn via video sharing through your webcam, wherever you are.

-DOCUMENT SHARING: Share your papers, essays or any other documents with your tutor and get them reviewed.

-WHITEBOARD: Utilise the whiteboard facility by writing, composing or drawing graphs and explaining effectively.

-SCREEN SHARING: Share your screen with your tutor and show them your work in real-time.

Why should you trust us?

Our tutors are thoroughly reviewed and Background checked before verification. Therefore, you can be rest assured that all our tutors are qualified and secure. Should you not be satisfied with your lesson, we guarantee full payment back accordingly. Further to this, your payment is secure as we do not save your account details on our platform. We also take full responsibility for the protection of our clients. For further details, please refer to our privacy policy.

Our vision

TutorMate strives to provide you with the best service with tutors at an affordable price. We value every student and believe that every learner has a potential in them waiting to be unleashed.

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