• STUDENT, Om Joshi

    28, May 2021 pm31 2:57 pm

    "I am very grateful of my friend to have recommended me Tutormate! Couldnt be more happy! My journey from underachieving to ace my subject Economocs Studies in A-levels, all credit goes to Tutormate Tutors!"

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    28, May 2021 pm31 3:08 pm

    "The classes were simply great. The educator was unfathomably learned and articulate. This was the first occasion when I have taken classes online, and I was charmed with it and anticipate in participating additional classes later on. I adored actual space; private and peaceful and exceptionally helpful for learning! Much thanks to you."

  • STUDENT, Rajarshi Aryal

    28, May 2021 pm31 3:18 pm

    "You wont believe or agree to what i say until you yourself join the classes. It is absolutely phenomenal. I have never learned Nepali Language the way I was taught here; a professional way!"

  • STUDENT, Agreema Shrestha

    30, May 2021 am31 9:47 am

    " I was searching for a reasonable tutor for my A-level course. Different coaches were extravagant and charging about Rs. 2900 every hour except I got a truly reasonable one from tutormate Nepal."

  • STUDENT, Prasiddha Dahal

    30, May 2021 am31 9:50 am

    "I hired an A-Level Biology tutor. My evaluations went off the chart when I employed an educator from tutormate Nepal. I turned into a class topper from a sub optimal understudy. Much obliged to you tutormate Nepal."

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    30, May 2021 am31 9:55 am

    "Simple yet powerful platform to utilize awesome stuff and only extraordinary educators. Highly recommended for secondary level maths."

  • STUDENT, Abijit Pandey

    30, May 2021 am31 10:32 am

    "Tutormate Nepal helped me to score extraordinary marks and refined my insights. I am thoughtful about joining a university or to hire a tutor through Tutormate for Masters degree."

  • STUDENT, Aadarsha Gautam

    30, May 2021 am31 10:38 am

    "I was sad about not having a proper institution for me to learn Python. But thanks to Tutormate Nepal, i found a brilliant tutor to help me with Python Coding through my very small age. Tutormate is beyond locations. Very grateful."

  • STUDENT, Aadarsha Manandhar

    30, May 2021 am31 10:42 am

    "Having taken a rigorous course, Mechanical Engineering, I was not sure if i could do well since in colleges, teachers just introduce the topics but do not guide. Thankfully I learned about Tutormate Nepal. I am a Mechanical Engineer passout now."

  • STUDENT, Aayush Gautam

    30, May 2021 am31 10:45 am

    " I am from India currently on Secondary Level Education CBSE board. I am really thankful for Shambhu Adhikari sir for guiding me throughout my science syllabus. I think i've grown enough to critical think about a problem or a question."

  • STUDENT, Minarva Sapkota

    30, May 2021 am31 10:49 am

    "Exceptionally proficient educators. High recommendation to International Business tutor who has helped me throughout my masters degree in Bhutan. Grateful to have learned home away from home."

  • PARENT, Madhu Niraula

    30, May 2021 am31 10:54 am

    "I am really appreciative that my sister Divya has been using this platform Tutormate and have been getting extraordinary outcomes. This is very trusted."

  • STUDENT, Yugal Neupane

    30, May 2021 am31 10:56 am

    "I booked a tutor for Business Studies. Regardless of the limited time for the boards, She was patient enough to address my difficulties. I managed to clear the course in a month which left me with enough time for confidence building for the finals.

  • STUDENT, Yodis Raj Bhandari

    30, May 2021 am31 11:03 am

    "I chose Tutormate for my Accounting Course. Very easy and interactive site to hire tutors. Very satisfied."

  • TUTOR, Shambhu Adhikari

    30, May 2021 am31 11:11 am

    "As a teacher, I have always set high expectations for all my students. So does my teaching pedagogy works, to establish students competent not only in classes but in real life. I teach Computer science & Maths for A level and tutor phyton/vb.net programming language. Tutormate is a very trustable platform for both teachers and students. The most important aspect of Tutormate as of my experience is the mutual respect between tutor and student which further encourages me to be warm, accessible and professional to my students. Lets be a part and make history."

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    30, May 2021 am31 11:17 am

    "Hey, Ashmita Acharya here, tutoring Sociology for A-levels and higher studies. I'm really thankful for the BOD of Tutormate for letting us tutor through a well-organized remote or in-person teaching opportunities. I feel honored that my students are doing exceptionally good that makes me feel very proud. I'm here to help future learners to excel themselves and achieve their own unique endeavors.

  • STUDENT, Wild Hunk(Bikran Paudel)

    30, May 2021 am31 11:21 am

    "Tutormate not only helps you to pursue a definite degree but to grow you along with your hobbies and interests. I am grateful that I was able to pursue and learn about my own hobby and interest; Photography and Video Editing. You can find my creations in Youtube channel named CHILL POKHARA."

  • TUTOR, Rajni Shram

    30, May 2021 am31 11:25 am

    "I was a tutor at Tutormate Nepal for Business and Economics. I was astounded by the immaculate teaching learning platform provided by this site. It was a very pleasant experience. I highly recommend all tutors to join and be a part of history in Nepalese educations milestone."

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    "Tutormate Nepal is probably the best tutoring in the Nepal. I was so pleasured for joining here. Tutors is constantly worried about assisting you with accomplishing your objectives. The level of the understudies is acceptable or higher. I totally recommend it."

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