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By: TutorMate | Saturday, 16 May 2020

Introducing TutorMate in Nepal

With every second digitising and crawling towards constant advancement shifting from 0 to 1, Nepal to is advancing towards the digital path. As the portable technology called "SmartPhone" takes over the lives of Nepalese citizens, it also digitises their needs and desires. Due to the virtual assistants in our phones and computers working with the same intellect as a human being, our generation has taken a huge leap towards the digital era. As generations evolve, our education is also following the digital trend. We prefer interacting on the internet rather than in person. Relatively, more and more people are inclining towards digital courses, distance learning and online tutoring.
So, we bring to you TutorMate, Nepal’s first online tutorial platform providing in-person services as well in order to effortlessly find tutors that fulfil your needs and interests.TutorMate is interactive and has various options to help our students achieve academic excellence. If you are seeking the right solution for your educational needs, then TutorMate Nepal is for you!

We offer:
1. One on One tutoring via webcam.
2. Document and resource sharing to improve your skills through proper evaluation.
3. Using a whiteboard to learn together in real-time.
4. Sharing screen to show your progress and be evaluated at the same time.

Hunting for the perfect tutor? You have come to the right place.
You can choose from our best and qualified tutors through personalised filters that help you find the best among the best. Search by your choice of subjects, your preferred learning option, tutor's qualification, booking price, gender, location and find your choice of tutor.
We have talented tutors who will not only engage you in studies but also dedicate
themselves in bringing out the best in you so that you can identify your best potential.
TutorMate helps you pave your path towards better learning in a nurtured environment resulting in your best performance academically and personally. Unlike any other tutoring platform, we aim to provide 3 major services in a single platform at affordable prices:


1. Best Tutors
2. Best Methods
3. Best Resources


Not sure about online tutoring? Well, we provide services fit for everyone in Nepal! We also offer in-person learning with which you can choose your desired subject of learning and pin-point the location you want the tutor. Then, we’ll contact you with a proper place and teacher who will guide you. The teaching place can be either a public library, our tuition centre (if available in a particular place) or any convenient place you choose. You may have seen or done learning via various other online platforms. TutorMate offers you a completely new way of learning and teaching. Instead of combo packs offered by other platforms, we leave the option up to you to choose your convenience. We are rich in learning resources and provide you with various online quizzes as well as practice papers for self-study and to test your knowledge so you can further enhance your expertise in your field of study. You can choose your interested subjects and start learning either online or in-person. Your teacher will be available at your location. You can feel free to ask anything related to your subjects and pay as you learn. The teacher will teach you from scratch or based on where you want to learn. It’s completely up to you! Our tutoring service
aims to help students as well as teachers. If you are a teacher and willing to tutor any student seeking to learn within your field of expertise, come and join our team.

We are very welcoming and will be more than happy to welcome you on board. You can choose your comfort to teach: online or in-person, we’ll connect you with the interested students in Nepal accordingly.

The process is simple: Sign up, Request a tutor and Pay as you learn. We are dedicated to quality and provide online support 24/7 for your convenience. Contact us at any time of the day and we will be present at your service. Indulge yourself in different challenges and learn online while having fun.