Necessity for shift towards unbounded learning platform

By: Dharmendra Chaudhary | Wednesday, 02 Jun 2021

Undoubtedly, the concept of unbounded learning has become a long discussed yet a severely disparaged argument. “Is it necessary; the physical attendance to the schools, colleges & universities?” is the main consideration of this article.

What is unbounded learning?

Envision yourself as a teen going to one of similar schools we have here in Nepal, rigorous curriculum plan attempting to make you the jack of all expert of none. This isn’t any new for us.

Every one of us has been thoughtful about it; for a science student “Do I need Nepali language Mastery?” whilst for a Music enthusiast “Do I need Accounting?” A platitude but obvious, the World is quickly transforming; we need specialists living their passion. That’s where unbounded learning comes in. Unbounded learning simply means learn with no boundaries where tackling genuine issues matters more than grades you accomplish; where individuals learn with bliss not by pressure.


Nepal’s Scenario on Unbounded Learning

Guaranteeing pertinence in the training infers community plan of educational program theme, instructional methods and evaluation (UNESCO, 2004). It expresses "Rights of the child" that focuses on a child-centered way to deal with educating and learning. This stresses the significance of educational programs that beyond what many would consider possible to react to the "necessities and needs of the students, their families, and networks" (UNESCO, 2004, p.31). Having said that, in Nepal, the educational program is for the most part de-contextualized in the schools since educational plan evaluators are separated from the communal reality, which includes the instructors, guardians, students, and neighborhood societies.

The same fact drives us to different arguments. Is there nothing happening at all at this point? No, there are few activities and changes seen occurring towards unbounded learning. Nepal is welcoming worldwide schooling educational plans and projects, for example, IB, A-levels, and so on which somewhat satisfy the necessities of unbounded learning. However, the dull part is that they are not very many. The vast majority of people in general is going through conventional educational pedagogy. A privately run research showed that about 60% individuals who take science in their +2 drop science in their future studies. This is certainly the result of curriculum over preferences.

Global Scenario of Unbounded Learning

Just to have a general idea regarding Global situation; let us quickly evaluate correlation between study levels and opportunities. A master-graduate here in Nepal is paid lower than a High School passed fellow in Finland. Fascinating but true. However, why would that be?

Finland understudies invest half as much time in a classroom as Nepalese understudies. The central issue to note here is the value for content and interest as opposed to time. In Finland, it is individual instructors and understudies who aggregately decide how the curriculum is taught. And this keeps consideration of the students' interests and capabilities. Finnish students learn whatever they feel like to. And that makes a difference. They study less but they study their own temptations. The entire world is attempting to make the educational framework such that it is comprehensible that produces shrewd individuals rather than exertion individuals.

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