Benefits of online tutoring for students in Nepal

By: TutorMate | Sunday, 24 May 2020

Tutors and students both benefit from online tutoring exponentially.

Following include few of many advantages, to help you decide if online tutoring is for you:

The way students learn changes as technology evolves. This fact is already embraced and accepted by many young people in Nepal as they continue their day to day lives. Advancement in technology has allowed students to shop online for resources, use social media sites for possible peer guidance and use online tutoring services. Current technology provides Nepalese teachers and their students with innovative tools for learning and collaboration. The educational mapping for many schools, colleges and universities across the country have already been created and there are several online tutorials as well as online courses available for free and for purchase. Some technology savvy parents have begun to embrace modern and changing technology whilst others are still clueless about the abundant opportunities that online education unlocks.

Cheaper and environmentally friendly for Nepal

Booking a tutor online can save you money. Due to the ease of working at home, you do not have to travel; thus, the amount of gas you use is reduced. This is advantageous to both you (as you do not have to pay for gas) and the environment as it will reduce pollution in Nepal. You may further be given discounts for your lessons as the tutor themselves do not have to travel.

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Technological ease

Most businesses in Nepal hold and organise online business events, in particular global employees, virtual offices and multi-page client locations. This enables the student to creatively and efficiently use the digital framework which can be translated directly from the academic background to the business world. Today, we live in a prosperous digital era where students are extremely technologically advanced and educated.

Portable resources

Not at home? On a journey? Off on your holiday? No problem. We hold sessions across the globe so you are able to learn or teach at any time, anywhere. There is no comparison to the versatility provided by online education. Online tutoring is the best educational aid for all students as you can learn at your leisure. It is not required for students to take books, homework and stationary as they will all be available virtually during sessions.

The Virtual whiteboard software embedded in our sessions facilitates many needs as it allows the users to draw face to face, to share screens, and communicate easily. Evidence reveals that younger generations in Nepal tend to talk through messaging systems which are also incorporated in the sessions.

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Strengthens student-tutor relationships

From more than 20 years of advanced education and experience, the curriculum provides inexpensive and high-quality instructions. Thanks to our plan to deliver 1:1 sessions online, we can create long-term personal relationships. Even if a student or mentor moves about, quality teaching and regular contact will continue and never be missed. When the student has a strong relationship with the teacher, he or she can also easily choose another instructor to meet his or her requirements.

Adapts to your learning style Learning, Hint, School, Subject .

Tutors have access to a range of educational materials, including images, graphics, simulation software, and a further wide range of learning methods, emphasising customised approaches. TutorMate Nepal will bring all our students the perfect tutor as we care about their education and comfort. So that the students are able to review their online sessions, we will also provide recordings to allow students to reference these sessions at their convenience, in addition to our tutoring sessions being recorded via virtual Whiteboards.


Privacy is another big benefit of working with a house mentor on-line. After all, you may feel guilty that you need assistance in your studies. No worries if that's the case.

Having online support is the perfect remedy for any privacy problems.


Finally, from a secure place where you won't feel insecure, you can have a tutoring session. This is especially relevant when you have not met or known the teacher in person. Online work helps you to obtain the support you need for your health.

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